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Derek contacted me with a common handling problem, the stock set up was made worst by poor advice he got from various sources. I gave him some different clicker and pre-load settings to try. He liked the changes, so he sent me his shock for LE valving and a stronger spring with less pre-load. I think he liked it:

Due to late winter weather I just got out on the bike today riding my 50 mile test loop. Profound difference in feel of the bike was evident immediately. Every aspect of the ride is improved. I feel no need at present to mess with your baseline settings as I never felt any dread feeling of being at the brink of losing grip or any cornering vagueness at any time during today’s test and I pushed harder today than I ever have. The shock as delivered more than covers my riding ability whereas the stock shock did not. The bike is a much safer ride now. This was the best bike mod money I’ve ever spent. Thanks Ed – you are truly very skilled.

People often wonder how I can make the set up so good on the first try. LE’s suspension theory is more complete than most. Pre-load and spring rate are worked out with math and the clickers just reflect the shim stacks I build.

The messing with my baseline settings Derek is talking about come from this Blog Post:

How to Adjust your Suspension

If you do this before and after you send me your job, you will have a way to judge how complete the LE Theory is.

If you see Derek, you can ask him.