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Davis Wins Inaugural Ed Sorbo International Invitational Race With WERA West

Jim Davis took the win in the first-ever Ed Sorbo International Invitational race, part of the WERA West event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Sorbo himself was second, and Keith Stie completed the podium in the eight-rider field.

WERA created the Ed Sorbo International Invitational as a new wave in an existing race on the schedule, as long as Sorbo could convince five riders to sign up for the class. There was no shortage of riders willing to take part at Vegas.

Sorbo says the event succeeded precisely in what it was designed to do – get more riders onto the grid, and provide a low-pressure opportunity for racers to get onto the racetrack. Sorbo is hopeful that the idea of a catch-all class that centers around riders, rather than machines, can be adopted by other organizations looking for ways to add value to their racing series for their current customers and for ways to attract new racers into the sport. Sorbo pointed out that, with no additional cost to WERA, the race organization generated several new paid entries each day.

“I hope everyone will take this idea and modify it to make it work for their region, their club, their home race track,” Sorbo says. “It’s an opportunity for friends who would never be able to race each other because they are on different machines to get on the track and race each other. It’s an additional class for racers who just want more time on the track. And it’s perfect for the racer who just wants to spend more time with their knee on the ground.”

In Sunday’s race, Chris Schatz took the win, with Jim Davis second and Keith Stie third.