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He may be older than you. His bike may be older than your bike. He may spent too much time outside painting houses for a living. He may even do whatever his wife tells him to do.

But if you want to beat him this weekend in MotoYard’s Wild West Shoot-Out you better bring your best game because Dave Price is sponsored by Lindemann Engineering. At LE Suspension is NOT, just a word.

His bike will not wobble, his bike will not skip, his bike will not chatter, his bike will not dip, his bike will not jive nor will it jinx. Dave and his bike will perform in the heat, like Curiosity on Mars.

Lindemann Engineering will operate out of the Roadracing World garage with Dave and his bike. We have room for one more racer who want to share the cost.

LE is offering free suspension set up help to all Wild West Shoot-Out racers in all classes. Just bring your bike over and tell Ed Sorbo what is wrong, a few clicks and your machine will sing at full song.