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Check out the Mega Max system. The Mega Max measures your frame and can tell if it’s straight or bent. Adding the CMS arm lets the Mega Max determine chassis geometry. This system travels with me so I can maximize your set up at the track.

The first thing I learned with this system is how out of whack all chain adjustment marks are. Only one bike I have measured so far was spot on with the worst being off by one full make between the left and right adjusters. The average variance is about 3 mm!

A full measurement starts with using the Mega Max to see how bent your frame and swing arm are. Then I adjust the rear wheel alignment to make it perpendicular to the swing arm pivot and add marks so you can easily keep this alignment when adjusting the chain. Next I add the CMS and find out where your geometry is. Combing this geometry information with your experience riding the bike is the part where I really earn my money. After some talking and thinking I make the changes and give you a print out that includes all your chassis data like rake, trail, down slope, etc. This service costs $300.

Your information is confidential and will not be shared, it will be in my lap top and I can use a simulation feature to predict changes that should be made if you, for example, change to different size tires. A one time fee of $500 will get you a full Mega Max/CMS service plus follow up simulations for the whole season. This service will included another Mega Max measurement if you crash.

Other cool stuff in the photo’s. The Mega Max CMS is on a customer’s TZ 250. The #82 TZ 250 is another customer’s bike that is getting some case packing and a new crank. TZ’s are not the only thing I work on. I have raced and worked on just about everything. At Miller last weekend I worked on three R-6’s, one R-1 and a CBR600RR and all of them were improved.