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I’m behind on my posts and it’s time to get caught up.

At Mosport the 125’s raced on the main track and the kart track. My list of tracks I’ve ridden grew by one to 51.

My Canada trip ended after 26 days. I was home for two days before flying to Mid-Ohio for the AMA weekend working with Elena Myers. I made the wrong tire choice in Basic Q so we ended up only 9th on the grid. In Saturday’s race we took 9th after a poor start. In Sundays race we were 7th in the last turn when the bike cut out for a moment and we took 8th. I may have cut it to close on the amount of fuel as there was very little left after the cool down lap.

As I write this, I’m riding in a truck with John and Chris Ulrich on our way to Laguna for the Moto-GP and AMA races.