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Buttonwillow is still here and so am I. I say this because Buttonwillow has a bunch of blind sections. There are three hills that block your view of the next part of the track. You have to learn the line, then trust that the track will still be where it was last time when you come around at full speed on the next lap.

The weather was perfect yesterday when Dave and I were blasting around the track all day in a TheTrackClub.com track day.

TheTrackClub.com and EDventure Racing have a deal that allows me to ride free when one of my clients buys a track day, this deal seriously cuts your cost to hire me for a day of on track coaching. Yesterday was my first experience with TheTrackClub.com. The Ninja Twins were right, the event was well run with an emphasizes on maximizing our track time. We’ll be back.

Dave has been renting a Ninja from Feel Like A Pro and yesterday he put money down on one of his own.

The weather is perfect again today and will be on Sunday as well. WERA practice is going on now. I’m strolling the pits talking to people and passing out cards.