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The last few weeks have been so busy that someone sent me an offer to do my blog posts for a fee, can’t have that, so:

Track days, tracks days, track days! MotoYard had a bunch of track days plus I worked two race weekends and 5 jobs showed up on the same Friday when I was leaving for a track weekend. Things are back to normal now schedule-wise and I should be caught up on shop jobs by the en of this week.

The Memorial Day weekend was big. On Sat & Sun MotoYard was at Streets then we moved to Willow for Monday. Lindemann Engineering worked with 24 clients on Monday, what a day!

This past weekend at Willow with WERA Tony continued to improve on his Ninja and my TZ. Andy won the 250 GP battle and John made a last lap T-9 pass on both the guys he was racing to take 2nd.

Andy still thinks I’m a Fucking Genius and so do a few others.