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Please don’t be mad at me just because I’ve raced so many bikes I can’t remember them all.

My Brother In Law, Lenny reminded me that he shipped a FZR 600 to me in Hawaii then flew over and raced it in a 4 hour. I raced it later.

At the AMA race at Fontana in 2002 my TZ broke a piston when I was in 4th. I coasted into the pits and saw my friend, Andy Edwards’s TZ sitting there. Andy was at the dyno trying to find out what was wrong with his other bike. I put my transponder on his bike and went back out to finish the race. I’ll let Andy tell the story…


I read on your blogspot that you had ridden 71 bikes in your “Forgotten Bike Found” skit.

I want to know if you were counting the time you STOLE my TZ at Fontana while I was working on my Aprilia’s propensity for self destruction on the dyno.

I came back to the pits:
“Where’s my TZ”
“Oh, Ed took it, we said he could have it.”
“Yeah, he changed the number and he’s out there now.”
“Did he say he would give me a rental fee?”
“No, not really.”

At least the AMA had the moxie to disqualify you – that’s all I have to say.

P.S. I just un-crashed my computer and “Thank you for asking.”

Andy Edwards
250 World Record Holder
350 World Record Holder
3 times WSMC GT-GP champion 2007, 2008, 2009.

That put the total up to 73 but Brendt “I wasn’t wheeling” Chang pointed out that I rode his GSX-R750/1100 but never raced it. So the total stands at 72 bikes raced.