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EDventure Racing clients at this past weekends WSMC race included Tony on his ‘08 250 Ninja and my ‘90 TZ 250, Dennis on a RacebikeRentals.com 250 Ninja, the Ninja Twins, Andrew & Niccole, on their matching 250 Ninja’s, Tom on his 250 Ninja, Michael on his SV650 & SV500, Wendy on her 250 Ninja and brothers Guy & Allen also on 250 Ninja’s.

All had fun blasting around in the sunshine. All had good and bad laps. All learned stuff. All are working on doing stuff better. All are subconsciously making their stories better as you read this blog.

Wendy has been named the “Queen of the Ninjas” or “Ninja Queen” for short.

EDventure Racing started sponsoring the New Racers Race. All new racers get a coupon good for $50 off on their first day of Crew Chiefing & Coaching by me. The class is now called the EDventure Racing New Racers Race and I, for one, got a kick out of hearing that on the PA and seeing it on the schedule. If you did not get your coupon call the WSMC office and ask them to mail one to you or bring me proof that you were in a New Racers Race when you sign up with me.

I won’t be at the May WSMC race weekend because I’ll be Crew Chiefing for Elena Myers at the Infineon AMA race on that same weekend. In fact I’ll be working with Elena for the rest of the AMA season. This is good news for me because Elena is fun to work with and her speed will help improve my understanding of race set up. The learning never ends and the journey begins with a single step.

After Infineon I travel to Canada for the Honda CBR125R Challenge School at the Mosport Development Track on May 21st. Then to Circuit ICAR for round one of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship. I’m the coach for the riders in the 125R Challenge and the pit parking dude for PCSC. Sometimes the parking gig can be a tough job when everyone wants the same spot but mostly everyone is willing to compromise and it all works out. The coaching gig rocks because I get to ride and race with the kids so I get my racing fix too.

What all this work means for my WSMC customers: Between the AMA and PCSC schedule, I’ll miss most of the summer WSMC races. June is a maybe right now then I’ll miss everything till September. So if you are thinking about hiring me we need to pick a track day that works for both of us. I’ll be home between rounds and there are “lots and lots” of track days so give me a shout and we can pick a date.