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We race on Saturday and Sunday here at the Indy GP but we only go on track for the race. One warm up lap then race. Therefore, today’s one practice and two Q’s are all important.

Practice went fine. The track was dusty and green but we just wanted to learn it, we were 6th with a 2.05.543. Peter told me the engine was making a noise but I blew it off thinking it was just clutch basket rattle.

When I started the bike two hours later I knew we were in trouble. This engine was new but now, not so much. After checking a few easy things we had to go with the back up bike with a tired engine and the old suspension. 7th with a 2.02.373.

With only one hour to the 2nd Q we swapped the new suspension that I had worked up at Portland onto the B bike and sent Peter back out with moments to spare. 4th with a 2.00.350.

Then to top off a long day, USGPRU decided we had to tear down our engines so they could check the valves and pistons. This after dyno and weight checks and before the races!

We’ll be back at the track tomorrow at 8 am to put an engine in our B bike and turn it into our A bike. We race at 4:30 pm so we have lots of time.

Indy weather report: very nice and the track rocks, wish I could ride!