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My fried Michael Gougis has a Blog running that I like. He posts thoughts about motorcycle road racing the world over and photo’s from events he is at.


His latest post is about the AMA Pro weekend at mid-Ohio. This is my response:

The lesson you hope they will take is that more racing is better. The lesson DMG will take from this is that one day events are even better than two day events.

The real lesson is that Mid-Ohio is not a suitable track for motorcycle races.

The surface sucks. The run off is poor to none. We are treated badly by management.

There is room to improve run off. The track surface can be done right. Track management can start treating their customers right. They have done none of this. And by track management I mean the person who owns the track.

Motorcycle people like Mid-Ohio because, like Laguna, it was one of the great events that they saw on TV. That is a fantasy based on an incomplete, edited story. Both tracks suck and treat motorcycle racers bad. Get over your childhood crush. Racing is like marriage.

Divorce the tracks and organizations that don’t love us.