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Marc Marquez goes so fast that he runs into ground clearance and grip limits. Because of these limits he changes his posture to give himself more clearance and grip for different parts of a corner. This helps him battle with the other 3 Aliens.

You are not going Marquez speed. Hanging off like MM when your knee is just skimming the ground and your foot peg is inches above the ground is worst than pointless. It’s extra work.

You are not going MM speed. You are not riding a MotoGP bike. You are not battling Aliens. You do not look cool in the photo’s trying to drag your elbow. You look uncomfortable. You look slow.

The Aliens and all other fast riders have mastered the basic skills of riding, like remembering to breath, braking & down shifting, counter steering, throttle control, lines, up shifting without flapping your arms like a bird, tucking in, looking where your going, etc, etc. They do this stuff so well that they don’t even think about it anymore. Then they add crazy skills on top of their base.

Can you brake hard to the apex of a turn while downshifting? Can you run all your laps on the same tenth of a second? No? Then work on the fundamentals. When you start going fast you won’t have to look for the track photo guy and pose, you will look good all the time.