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I’m surprised by how little I’m seeing on FB about the Aragon race. I’m sure there is more social media going on than I’m seeing but when that much stuff happens I except to see more ranting from haters.

I think I know why there is so little BS about this race. It was a well organized event. It was run using the rules and the rules make sense. The track is challenging and low risk.

How low risk is the track? So low risk that first and second in the world championship were willing to keep going on slicks till they crashed. So low risk that of 3 crazy high speed crashes 2 resulted in no injuries to the riders and little damage to the bikes. One crash dazed the rider when his head whacked the ground. It must be said that one rider had to run so far to get back to his bike that he may have been a little out of breath. How is that for good run off room?

The Flag to Flag rule won’t work for most and it sounds a little odd but it sure is better than stopping the race. This rule has passed the only test that matters, it works.

How good are these guys? One guy was so much faster than everyone else that you wondered what the point of showing up was. But racers all know that it’s called racing for a reason and they are all racers.

Even the haters sometimes know when to keep their mouths shut.