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Track Daz held their annual Turkey Daz this past weekend at Willow Springs and Edventure Racing was there. We set up in the Roadracing World garage on Saturday to work with Editor At Large Michael Gougis on a story for the 2010 Track Day Directory.

Then on Sunday two riders, Bert and Price split my fee and dropped over eight seconds each from their lap times. Both bikes needed some set up adjustments including tire pressure, sag and damping but most of the improvement came from debriefing after each ride and talking about better lines, braking markers etc. We also worked on rider note taking, if you don’t write it down, it never happened.

Racing and Track days are expensive and the cost of a Personal Coach & Crew Chief can be easily seen as too much but think of this. How much time and money will you have to spend to drop eight seconds from your lap times? Also, Bert was planning to replace his tires on Sunday but with my advice and adjustments he did not and therefore saved more money than he spent with me.

As you know I have a race shop, I only work on race and track day bikes. Just like my coaching I work on maximizing your resources. Bert sent his CBR1000RR with me after the riding was done. His bike has plenty of power, I’m going to make it a little easier to change the wheels, install EBC brake pads, send the shock and forks to Lindemann Engineering for springs and re-valving then deliver his bike back to him even better than it already is.

When I’m not helping nice people have more fun on the track I’m working on nice bikes in my clean race shop. I’m not making the kind of money I was as a service manager at a large dealership but my life rocks. See you at a race track in the future!