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Pinned in 6th and fully tucked at the end of the front straight. Un-tuck as I lean into T-1, still full bunny. At the apex of T-2 start braking for T-3 and go down 3 to G3. Up to 4th out of T-3 and late apex T-4. Shift to 5th in T-5 and hold full bunny through T-6 and the tight esses where the puddle was. Still in 5th on the run to the Bus Stop. Tomorrow I’ll hold it open there too. Keep the throttle pinned over the bumps after the hill then brake and go down 2 for the Key Hole. Go outside the first patch and just inside the 2nd patch. Pin it and make a late apex. Get your bum off the seat on the bumps in the last turn and tuck in for the long run to T-1.

I Qed 5th, so will start from the 2nd row tomorrow.

After we were done on the big track we rode over to the Kart track and blasted around. Track number 50. We will race there on Monday.

Life is tough but someone has to do it.