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It’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a chance to ride so I was happy to have enough clients yesterday (6) at Streets backwards with MotoYard to have a good day but not so many that I had no time to ride.

I think I rode 4 times in the late afternoon. I went out in A, B & C so I could ride will all my clients, watch their lines and how their bikes are handling, show them some lines, etc.

I’m older, fatter, and out of shape but it turns out I still mostly have it. I gave up on getting all the way tucked and that made all the difference. I can’t see where I’m going in full under the paint tuck anymore but if I look over the screen my head is more level and I can see.

My bike is a ‘88 CBR600F-1 with F-2 front end & Hawk swing arm. RC-30 rear hub, light wheels, Ti pipe, big rad, 76 HP, heavy. And for you kids who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s so old it has carburetors.

But it has a long wheel base and I can’t crash it. So I brake crazy late and have a blast. Take off slicks and no need to mess around with warmers because I still remember how to take a warm up lap.

Maybe I’ll have time this week to improve the suspension using all the stuff I learned from Jim Lindemann because MotoYard will be back at Streets this Sunday.

If you’re there and get a chance to follow or watch me you will learn something. I started racing in ‘83 and have crashed a lot more than you have. Watch my line and speed in the last few turns before the skid pad…