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Thanks to Iceman Racing and the Erickson’s I’ve added bike number 75 to the list of bikes I’ve raced:

1981 CB400T Hawk
1978 CB550F
Gary K’s RD350
Red Proctor’s RD400
Suzuki X-6 Hustler
Ray C’s GPz 550
Red Proctor’s RZ350
Carol Coffman’s ’81 GPz 550
Team Hawaii CB450T Hawk
Twin Star 185
Frank Smith’s ’81 CB750F
Team Hawaii 600 Ninja
Wheels Hawaii CB700SC
GPz750 Turbo
Andre Espaillat’s VF500
RG250 Gama
Emory Wood’s GS550ES
Mike Coffman’s GPz 1100
Dayne Brown’s YZ 490
Dayne Brown’s FZR 400
Mike Coffman’s CB700SC
1987 CBR600F1
Bruce Miller’s CBR600F1
Emory Wood’s CBR600F1
Robbie Dowie’s CBR600F1
Dannen Lutz’s CBR600F1
Brendt Chang’s NSR 250
Vic Sibilla’s TZR250, ex Hayden WERA bike
Paul Uyehara’s CB-1
Carol Coffman’s FZR1000
Kalani Whitmarsh’s GSXR750 LTD
1990 GSXR750
Chris Powel’s ’92 GSXR750
John Hearne’s GSXR750
Insurance’s guy’s GSXR750
Craig Hanes’s ZX-7
Heada’s CBR600F2
Mark’s CBR600F2
Yosh RC30, two of them
CB400SP at Suzuka
Team Hawaii FZR600
Lenny Kirschner’s FZR600
Team Hawaii FZR600 with a Hawk swing arm
Kim Nakashima’s FZR400/600
Gerry Tanioka’s FZR1000
Eric Phillipson’s CB900RR
Ric’s CBR600F3
1988 CBR600F1 with a Hawk swing arm
1990 TZ 250
Jupiter Kajawara’s ’91 TZ 250
1993 TZ 250
Buell S-1
Lenny Kirschner’s FZR 400
Brooklin Cycle’s CBR900RR Superbike
2000 TZ 250
John Bickle’s RS 125
Sean Wary’s ’96 TZ 250
24 Hour CBR600F-4
Go Shift R-6
Andy Edwards’s ’01 TZ 250
“Roadracing World” ’94 ZX-6RR
Team Chicago R-6
ARNTU Racing ’04 GSX-R750
Army of Darkness GSX-R600
2007 R-6, AMA Supersport
Team Chicago ’07 R-6
2008 CBR 125R Challenge Bike

Dennis Hogan’s 250 Ninja

Niccole Cox’s 250 Ninja

Brian’s XR 120

Erickson’s ‘06 Suzuki RM 85

76 and counting.

This does not count bikes I’ve ridden but not raced, that number would be in the hundreds.