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Reza was not having fun on his ill handling RC-51. In fact he was getting ready to go home when his friend brought him to see me. I bounce on his bike and said I could make him 6 seconds faster. Reza signed up with Lindemann Engineering and I adjusted his clickers.

Reza enjoyed his next ride. Reza walked over to see MotoYard’s Hennery to see his transponder times. He went 6 seconds faster! Reza is happy.

How much would pay to go 6 seconds faster? The LE record is 13 seconds faster. The LE average is 4 seconds. The price is $50 for a day of suspension tuning. When Reza sends me his suspension for improvement he gets a $50 discount.

Can Lindemann Engineering really make you faster while taking less risk and make your tires last longer? Yes, just ask Reza.

$980 to rebuild, re-valve and re-spring the forks and shock on your Sportbike.