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It was a good weekend all around.
Dennis set a personal best lap time.
Jon’s R-6 did not blow up but the clutch cable did disconnect itself, easy to fix.
The TZ did not run but it broke before getting onto the track so no need to wait for a ride back to the pits.
Big Tony had a good weekend.
Our “Race Doc” came in handy.
Dave left his GSXR-1000 at home and brought his 2000 R-6. Turning the gas on made it run much better on Saturday. He went on to win his first Expert race on Sunday by crushing the field in F-40 Lightweight, his start could have been better but by the exit of T-2 he was gone.
Riding my ‘88 CBR600F1, I made a great start in F-40 Lightweight and took 3rd. But the big news is that with my win in Vintage Lightweight I have now won races in 4 consecutive decades. My first race and win came in Oct of 1984. Just a few more years of racing to go to make it five consecutive decades.