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EDventure Racing
Ed Sorbo
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Ed Sorbo is available to provide new or experienced riders with personalized rider coaching and bike set up at races and track days.

· Race Shop, Race Transport, Track Equipment.

· 24 years of racing.
· Racing club owner.
· Racing school owner.
· Motorcycle shop owner.
· Five time club champion.
· AMA Pro privateer for six years.
· World record setting WERA national endurance team owner.
· Chris Ulrich’s AMA Crew Chief for three years.

What I can do for you:
· Bike work at my shop.
· Bike set up at the track.
· Rider Coaching/Crew Chief at track days and races. Both by watching you from the side lines and with lead/following on the track.
· We can meet at a track and work out of my pit or I can fly in and work out of your pit.
· I can transport your bikes to any track in North America.

At the track:
· You show up and find my pit set up complete with 20’ by 11’ awning for life giving shade attached to my trailer for protection from the elements. Power from my RV runs your tire warms. Chairs, tables and tools proved by me.
· I’m your Crew Chief for the day or event. I’ll take care of the bike including tech, set up, adjustments and minor repairs. When it’s time to ride you make like a factory star and watch me pull your warmers and the stands.
· When you’re on track I’ll watch from the side lines and/or do lead/follow with you.
· After each ride we will debrief just like the pros.
· By the end of the day your bike will work better and be more reliable. You will be faster, smarter and better able to maximize your resources.
· At your next event you will have more fun and go faster with less risk and less effort.