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I was driving hard out of the Playground turns on Sunday during WERA practice at ACS, cutting the course I crossed two white lines and a nice bump and thought to myself, $315 is totally worth it. That was the amount I paid for my license and pre-entry for three classes. Like a good tool you always think it cost a bit much till you use it the first time, then you think it was worth the full price in just one use.

My goal for last weekend on may way back to full race speed was to get comfortable braking hard right to the apex and ACS is a great place to practice this. That skill came back on my out lap.

My best pass of the weekend was in Senior MW SB. On the last lap I went around the outside of two guys going into T-7 and pulled enough gap that they could not get me back at the line.

I raced for so long and so often that it became kind of dull. At the time I did not notice this. Now that I’m coming back after a forced long break I can feel how much racing has always meant to me, it’s surprisingly fun.