(909) 838-4587 ed [at] le-suspension.com

Henry has an Ohlins TTX shock and Ohlins fork kit on his R-1. Here is what he had to say on my FB page:

“Special thank you to Ed Sorbo from Lindemann Engineering for giving my bike a new life. Rebuild & re-valve OEM forks w/öhlins kit, new fork springs, rebuild & re-valve öhlins shock and respring the shock spring to fit my new weight. If you …think you are fast, wait until you get your suspension dialed in. Go see him at any MotoYard.com track day or race weekend and have him start clicking on your suspensions. The difference is like day and night, plus you save your tires by having adequate settings.”

And by E Mail after I sent his paid invoice:

“Got it thanks Ed. Yesterday was an epic day for me. I towed Rocky around for a few laps and I had never gone this fast on this track. Thank you so much for giving me confidence and making me a faster rider.”

The track was Willow Springs. “Rocky” is a MotoYard.com instructor. “Epic Day” needs no explanation.