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20140118_151822BMW front

All BMW rear shocks can be rebuilt.  The trick is re-charging it with nitrogen. To do this I drill and tap a 5 mm hole for a small nitrogen valve on the top front or top back of the shock. You can see a nitrogen valve installed on the shocks in two of these photo’s.

Most BMW rears have space for the nitrogen valve and I just want you to mark the top side of the shock with the most space before you remove it.

One model doesn’t have enough space. On these bikes you will need to drill a hole or cut a notch and mark the top rear of the shock. Be sure to paint the work site to prevent rust.

Most but not all the front shocks can be rebuilt.  The close up photo of the black spring and chrome shaft shows the cap on the body of a rebuild-able front shock.  If the body is welded to the cap or if it’s bent over the cap, we are out of luck.

If you have ESA shocks.  Please set the pre-load to one helmet and the ride to comfort before removing the shocks.  I can’t change these settings on the bench.  I need to measure the installed length of the spring before I remove it and bleeding the shock is much easier with the adjuster open.

$250 each to rebuild.

The stock springs are weak and over pre-loaded for most riders.  Stronger springs will keep you in the upper/faster moving part of the suspensions travel more of the time.  Less pre-load will mean less wiggle after turns and bumps because of less stored energy.

Front springs are $110 + $30 for a spacer.  Rear springs are $110 or $120, about half of them will need a $30 spacer.

The valving in the stock Showa shocks is good.  The valving in the stock WP shocks sucks and needs to be changed.  Re-valving adds $100 to the rebuild price.  The good news here is that many of the front WP shocks come with a strong spring with too little pre-load so you won’t need a front spring.

ESA Shocks
The same as normal shocks except: You must back off the pre-load and damping before un-plugging the shock from the bike. Set everything to the soft/weak setting. Showa ESA shocks have weak springs but good valving. WP ESA shocks have strong springs but bad valving.